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The RedBull of Machine Driven Intelligence

Machine Driven Intelligence

I had the privilege to speak at an event held by Yieldify  in London last week about the future of personalization and #social commerce.  There can be no doubt that the next wave of technology will drive efficiencies across organizations driven by HUGE data pools , machine learning and intelligence.   My key

Depression: Do Snakes Know When They Shed Their Skin?

This is a very different type of blog post because instead of writing it by hand I decided that I would dictate with voice and only edit my grammar mistakes that I make to these spoken words. I will speak about things that have happened in the recent past, about things that have changed me

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Parallel Universes: Theories & Evidence

Is our universe unique? From science fiction to science fact, there is a proposal out there that suggests that there could be other universes besides our own, where all the choices you made in this life played out in alternate realities -See more at:
The concept is known as a “parallel universe,” and is a

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Data – The Invisible Man At The Table

Is Big Data just a hype word? Is digital transformation a dream scenario that is impossible to reach?
In my discussions with both experts in the field and individuals working at companies trying to implement digital strategies, one thing remains clear. Very few people understand in a practical term how to implement a long term, measurable,

Digital Trends 2016 – Adobe Econsultacy

Adobe Econsultacy Digital Trends 2016
Digital Trends 2016: The report is based on a global survey of 7,000 marketing professionals and includes comparisons with data from 2015.
Key findings include:

Customer experience remains a top priority and is now defining other priorities
Marketers’ strategic priorities for 2016 are very much centred on data, but more than 1 in 3

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Think Ecosystems Not Products – The Future is Now

I can remember sitting at work, a few years ago at a former employee that made cutting edge marketing technology when it hit me: “We are a Silo.”  There is nothing wrong in making great products that meet the needs of customers however have you ever looked the marketing technology lumascape for 2015 with almost 2000 different products

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Who owns your “deductive data”?

Recently I “over-read” a conversation on Twitter where people were discussing that they didn’t want Twitter to know about their gender, age occupation and so on. They were quite sure, as they had never opted this information, Twitter did not have it. I am pretty sure they were wrong! Whereas Facebook has prompted users to

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Understanding the (Super) Power Embedded In Your Links

Did you know that that your links have hidden super powers?  There are hidden super powers that you need to be aware of when you start to write your own content or share other peoples content.
The way to  unlock these powers is to use a program that shortens your links and gives you insights into

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Where Are Your Data Oases?

I spoke last week at a B2B conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was very inspiring to listen to case studies and industry leaders like Google and Linkedin chime in on B2B, Big Data and an array of topics that highlight the massive changes disrupting our businesses today.

What I find most interesting is that both Google

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7 Steps To Increase Visibility on Linkedin NOW – Real Life Case Study

Trust the Open Networks
A few weeks ago, I was made redundant during my summer vacation – Read Here and while sitting by the pool(far away from home and resources) with my kids, I thought to myself I need to trust the networks that I built.

I strongly believe in the power of open networks as the true

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