I would like to start this post by stating that I am not against companies that build automation for Media, I can certainly see value in automating some of the most mundane and routine tasks across social media.  I am also not knocking the user for trying to make their life easier on Social Media by automating mundane tasks to free themselves up to do other things. I am against the type of automation that replaces the human interaction and engagement on Social Media.

Therefore, I will admit it, I am guilty of over automating!

Question: How much automation is too much automation and where do we draw the line?

Since the beginning of the year, I have tried to peal away as much automation as possible from my Twitter account.  No auto – posting, no auto – listing people, no auto – thank you tweets and I have turned off all my IFTTT recipes, except 1.  I have turned off the automation to become more human on social and I hope that people that automate their Social Media accounts will take serious inventory and do the same.


The reason is simple; I was dehumanizing the social media experience for myself and for those that interacted with me and one thing that has frustrated me the most is how automation is replacing the human factor in many areas of our online lives.

I have a Twitter list called the 150 TOP CMO’s that a skimmed off of a Forbes article and I place this list into Tweetdeck and listen to all their tweets.  This list is a great learning list and it oozes value with many great engaging people on it.

Unfortunately, there were a few people that on this list that had almost 100% automated their Twitter account. I tried a few times to get them interact by favoriting and retweeting their posts and reaching out directly to them only to find that the driver seat is empty. It frustrates me and I do not want to promote robots with human names as I strongly believe that for social media not to derail we need to keep the human interaction within social media true.

I also make the assumption that the reason live streaming and snapchat have grown to be so popular is because we tend to want authenticity and human engagement no matter the place or platform.  Therefore, I would appeal to you to take inventory of your automation and interject more of you in your postings as well as your engagements.

Thank you,

Patrick Kitchell