Snapchat Over 40

Snapchat Over


They say that 3 times is a charm and it has taken me 3 times to get on Snapchat and use it on a regular basis.   I found at 45 it was very challenging to start using Snapchat.

Why Snapchat?

I am  definitely driven by the fact that 60% of people from 13-34 in the USA use Snapchat and this type of penetration makes the platform hard to ignore, regardless of how I feel about the tool.

If I would to sum Snapchat up in 1 sentence it would be this:

Authentic Interaction Instead of Shallow Consumption of .

My main justification for wanting to master Snapchat is that I have a profound part of me that has always wanted to meet new people and share.  This started when I was a boy and has always been a constant in my life that I can talk to anyone. This butterfly ability has always made job interviews easier and public speaking a natural part of my life and with the rise of it made learning Twitter and other social media tools a natural extension of me. Please find me here: @denmark and see my video below about using Snapchat.

The video above explains how Snapchat works and what I have done to make it work for me.

Where To Start?

The best to start is to actually sign up and start following a few people and watch what they do and just mimic them.  There are no “rules” about how to use it and the power of the platform is that content disappears and it creates a sense of  NOW which makes it very addictive.

In the beginning everyone struggles with finding out to what to say so just relax and know it is apart of the learning curve.  The first 2 times I tried Snapchat, I was not comfortable because I thought everything had to be Instagram filtered perfect and it doesn’t. The less polished the better, it’s a strength of  the platform that people can’t hide behind Photoshop, filters and scripted responses.

Here are 3 well known accounts to follow, just scan these on Snapchat or just google: Snapchat Celebrities

Create An A-Team

I am pretty sure that I am not the first person to do this but for all the people that I want to interact with I have found creating an A- Team to be helpful. Let me explain what I mean. There are people that I want to interact with or there  are people I consider influential so to facilitate simplicity in Snap chaos I edit their name and add “A-“ in from of their name.

Snapchat lists your friends in alphabetically order and  when scrolling in current unread snaps you can easily spot the “A-” Team. See below where the picture to the left is my friends list with my A-Team first and the picture to my right is recent updates and how easy it is to see the A-Team members when scrolling through the recent updates.

See my A- Team Snapchat codes at the end of this article and watch my embedded youtube for much more detailed information.

What Value Is There?

There is tremendous value in the power interactions on Snapchat and being able to peer into peoples lives and talk with them.  It is the authentic feeling that makes people feel like they  know the person on the other end and it is human nature not to miss out that drives people to use Snapchat religiously.

Where Do I Benefit Using Snapchat?

From a personal perspective, Snapchat is great for broadcasting your message in an authentic and intimate way and it is powerful allowing people to emotionally connect through real-time interactions.  I see real benefits by continually sifting through people to find  people of interest and adding them to my A-Team with the intent of interacting with them.  I have cleaned my friends list a few times because in my busy world just watching snaps to consume and not participate is a complete time waster and many hours can easily spent with no return.

However with that said I have a few people that I follow and do not follow back that I find their Snapchat stories highly interesting or educating.  One good example of this is Mark Suster.  Mark has been giving out valuable lessons in investing, how board rooms work and many other powerful start ups information that I find to intriguing and worth the watch. He has a blog and drives people to his blog for further information:  Both Sides of The Table


Where Could a Large Company Benefit Using Snapchat?

I can’t see how a B2B business for sales can benefit from Snapchat as it will not drive sales.  Where I see the real power for enterprise companies is the ability to attract young talent through giving an authentic view into the heart of the company and interacting with those interested in seeing and learning about your organization.  This daily flow of non scripted snaps and interactions could tip the balance for where talent might choose to work especially if they can see that your organization fits their ideal of a workplace in a way that can never shine through in interviews.

I also see the ability to create On Demand Snapchat filters that appear in a fenced area a great way to raise awareness, drive business and make Snapchat more of a local advertising engine with local filters and local content