Trust the Open Networks

A few weeks ago, I was made redundant during my summer vacation – Read Here and while sitting by the pool(far away from home and resources) with my kids, I thought to myself I need to trust the networks that I built.

I strongly believe in the power of open networks as the true game changer in my life.

Never before in my lifetime do I have access to so many people and companies at my fingertips and they interact, they have too.

Being made redundant is the perfect opportunity to prove to myself the immense power inherent in media networks.  This is  especially true when away on vacation without a tablet or my mobile phone that taping my social networks was the only possible starting point.

7 Steps To Increase Visibility on Linkedin NOW - Real Life Case Study

7 Steps To Increase Visibility on Linkedin NOW – Real Life Case Study

The picture above shows the dramatic shift in profile views over the last 3 weeks starting with the week I was away on vacation and the point where I initiated a new Linkedin Strategy.  My views the last three weeks looks like this:

7 Steps To Increase Visibility on Linkedin NOW - Real Life Case Study

7 Steps To Increase Visibility on Linkedin NOW – Real Life Case Study

The purpose of the Linkedin strategy is to be more visible and to attract recruiters and HR responsible people to my profile and have them reach out to me.

What Did I Do?

My strategy is not rocket science and it only requires consistency and execution over time.

1.) Summary:  I re – wrote my Linkedin Summary to reflect more more set of beliefs instead of what I can do. The reasoning for this is that I believe that everyone writes the same summaries with the same keywords and it is boring.  I wanted to have a summary that initiated thought and interaction with me. Once people begin engaging then amazing things happen as most people are better at explaining what they do compared to what it says in writing.

2.) Blogging on Pulse: I have in the past blogged on Pulse or published articles about things I found interesting. I also have a blog and I have been published on other websites.  The point being is that I made Linkedin my only blogging outlet.

3.) Blog on Simple and Controversial Topics: Everyone has an opinion and when choosing topics, I try to chose topics where I know people have an opinion and use these to  increase traffic.  Here are some of blog post numbers since being made redundant:

Not all posts drive traffic but do not be afraid to experiment.

4.) Comment and Like The Comments on Blog Posts: Be sure to like and comment on all people that comment on a post.  Any person that takes the time to read the article and leave a comment should be acknowledge.  Be sure to mention them by name in the comment and like their comment. The more engagement you can get on posts the more visibility you drive.

5.) Visit Profile Pages and Follow on Other Networks: When someone comments or shares my posts I really appreciate this gesture and I will go look at some of their profiles as well as searching on Twitter for these people and following them.  It is very important to reciprocate engagement as it leads people to engage more with you and others.

6.)Placed My CV on Slideshare: I don’t mind sending people my CV nor a cover-letter but I will say that there is so much information on the internet about people and I am very open about what I do, believe and what want in a career and a company.  Here is my CV on Slideshare – The good thing about slideshare is:

  1. Integrated into Linkedin and easy to embed.
  2. People can download it as a PDF file from slideshare.
  3. I can upload a new copy without changing the link.
  4. I can see statistics from slideshare including who has dowloaded the CV – see below for 1 week.
7 Steps To Increase Visibility on Linkedin NOW - Real Life Case Study

7 Steps To Increase Visibility on Linkedin NOW – Real Life Case Study

7.) Share Across Networks and Invite Conversation and Critic: Finally, remember to share across your networks.


This is what I have been doing to attract attention to my Linkedin profile and it is working at the moment.  I am a strong believer in networking and have experienced amazing conversations with amazing people on social media and this is just one more proof positive example that times have changed.

I will end with something a high classmate and Linkedin connection Paul Mattioli wrote recently in a comment that resonated with me:

Own The Disruption