We need to remain free thinkers

We need to remain free thinkers

We need to thrive and I wrote an article back in July long before the election cycle called: Facebook the hammer that destroys democracy

Algorithm Driven An Echo Chamber That We All Live In Today

Seemed quite a drastic title at the time but not anymore and I feel like banging my hand of the table again to get attention. Here is a quote from the article that everyone should internalize:

We all live in a and search driven bubble. This bubble is created by and to try and personalize our experiences and in terms of search deliver results that are location and search history relevant. In terms of Facebook your bubble is an echo chamber only feeding you like minded ideas, stories, fake and real news etc.

I have been discussing the idea of living in a digital bubble since 2014 and it is painful obvious that social media isn’t inclusive and doesn’t take the importance of or diversity of culture, race or sex into account at all.

I just published an article on medium about the lack of racial diversity in social media in the . The article is called: Social Media in the USA Lacks Diversity where just picking some top expert lists and events and see the racial diversity on the speaking lists just to find a complete lack of racial diversity. Now, I haven’t done a complete scientific/statistical measurement but I feel the need too now because in the 3 simple sample tests the percent of non-whites is long under 10%

Inclusion, Diversity and Equality

I am not saying this is on purpose, I can’t make this claim. I do know that diversity and inclusion is a big deal especially in this day and age when we live in digital bubbles and algorithm driven echo chambers.

It is mission critical to be surrounded by people of different cultures, races, professions and income levels.

Diversity and inclusion are the fuel for innovation, collaboration, understanding and peace.

In my article about Facebook I write:


We can all become smarter and wiser by meeting with others and discussing our ideas and in the world of Facebook(social media)this function has died. We only see and hear ourselves in our timeline which makes us dumber.

The Powder Keg

Now add the powder keg of false media where you are living in a form of exile, exclusion that feels like inclusion. This bubble that is hard to recognize and hard to break away from become that much more of toxic cocktail because false news spreads lies and reinforces this exclusion. Add to the idea that mainstream media lost its soul because they are a struggling revenue stream under pressure and need to run the most “exciting” stories to garner attention instead of be the moral compass of any society.

It becomes painfully obvious that we stand at the crossroads of the values that the western world hold dear. Everything is at play and we can see the damaging outcomes of these self-inflicted algorithmic bubbles designed like designer baby realities without first being tested for the negative. These bubbles are the new cigarette …


Not sure what the ending of this will be? I feel the bubble or the matrix is having huge negative effects on all of us whether we know it or not. I would like to offer a solution but I can’t right now. I am hoping that the good sense of human nature will rise up but watching the racial disparities in the UK and USA after their recent election cycles makes me less hopeful as humans are sleeping at the wheel of their own destiny.