How Original Are you?

I wonder if anyone really understands the one major characteristic or mechanism that makes a person stand out heads and shoulders above the rest of the crowd?

I would argue the obvious answer is:

They are acting and being original.

Please note that I didn’t say unique or authentic because these words get thrown into a pot and mixed up and spit out all the time.

Unique: Everyone is unique at birth and have a unique set og human characteristics that make them who they are as a person.

Authentic: Some people are authentic and authenticity is a by product of originality. If you do not act out what makes you original then you can’t be authentic.

In my circles, I hear three people’s names get thrown around quite a bit and they are:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Grant Cardone
  • Tony Robbins

I will tell you the one quality that makes each of these people stand out and it is they are original, they copy noone. From this originality flows many other traits and they have been lucky to gain success as a mix of luck, skill and timing.

Copying The Original

The title of this section outlines what is already the problem. Yes, you can learn from reading about, meeting and emulating the people mentioned above and many other amazing individuals.

These people have tons of things to teach us BUT (and here is where it will cost you)

You will never be original and therefore not acting authentic

if you just copy them. You need to internalize what you learn and practice it in your work and private life. It is just like going to the gym, if you only talk about it noone will see any changes in you.

When I was a kid, coping the VHS always made the copy painfully obvious as the quality was that bad. The same is applicable here, at some point the art of copying is painfully obvious that dilutes a person’s ability be authentic.

Net Promoter Score on Originality

If you want to be like Gary V. then I suggest you stop copying him rather take what he tells you and live it. Amend his teachings to the “original” you and go be you instead of like him. We need to think for ourselves and believe in ourselves as original copies and therefore it is important that we shed anything that we can’t graft into our personalities because the outcomes is others will see us as fake or trying to be something we are not.

Why not try a little test and ask others about how original you are when creating content, speaking, etc. Create a simple NPS scoring model based on how original you are and how authentic you are coming across. Ask people to rate you on your originality and take the results with a grain of salt.

The NPS on originality could be as simple as this:

The NPS on originality could be as simple as this:


When we are most true to our original person then we are also able to be authentic. It is great to have leaders and heroes to guide us and lead the way but you as a copy of them is not ½ as good as the original you. What we learn from them must be grafted into our daily lives otherwise the image we reflect onto others is diluted and not authentic.