I Was Called A Troll Today

I Was Called A Today

I was called a troll today (not the first time) …

They complained to for me being a troll …

I never considered myself a troll but I will tell you this much.

Being offended by someone doesn’t make you a victim nor them a troll.

This started because I was censored in a Facebook group and I called the censor out for deleting things they felt irrelevant without notifying me and no doubt others that they were being censored.

Being censored for what one person thinks is irrelevant sucks. It’s childish behavior that I condone.

I find this behavior wrong … earth shattering, no but it needs to be confronted, publicly.

The more transparent the discussion the better. I have nothing to hid and no ill intentions. I don’t like being censored for what others think is irrelevant.

The individual didn’t like being called out and wanted to talk in private. This is how it always happens. Private conversations are fine but things done in public and settle in private stink of favoritism and monetary or bribery.

I was hard on this person on Twitter for not wanted to discuss or acknowledging that their censorship was “wrong” and caring more for their fake image than honest dialogue.

Who you really are is defined in times of discussion where you disagree NOT agree. How you resolve this disagreements either builds character or reinforces your lack of character.

Result, we unfollowed each other everywhere and I left the Facebook group, no love lost.

There goes sometime, I unfollow lots of people in the same group and my feeds become more relevant and time goes on.

Then an unsolicited snapchat advertisement from the same person that censored me that I unfollowed everywhere on a communication tool that I rarely use.

SPAM and from what I could hear from others spamming 100s maybe 1000s of people

I confront this individual about this and the result is that I am a TROLL and they are a victim because they are offended.

This is why the world is on fire.

Maybe I am a TROLL, I don’t know. I may dislike a person and call out their behavior when their behavior affects me or someone in my inner circle.

However, in my eyes, open, honest discussion is the key to building bridges. Discourse is the door opening to many other things.

Someone confronting you, wanting to discuss, wanting clarification, hunting the truth in the open light of day doesn’t make them a troll.

People calling out other people for mixed behavior, for spamming, for censoring doesn’t make them a troll either.

On the contrary, this behavior some call trolls cause a reaction in some people to feel uncomfortable with themselves either because they don’t know what they believe or they are not being true to themselves. They are afraid of what they might find in self reflection or if others “see the real me”.

Being offended doesn’t make you a victim its an invitation to open, honest discourse. Take the invitation and park all your baggage and bs at the door.