Something has happened – A Watershed Moment

A simple but major shifted in the paradigm on understanding how systems should work for workers.

has something simple  and amazing and the potential in my mind seems boundless

This something is the first real push to simplify how data into “futuristic actionable insights” and have available for end users in an intuitive manner.  You can read it here with this article called: Email Engagement in Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Email Engagement and Actionable Insights At Your Finger Tips

On Mobile Too

Anyone that knows about technology would say that being able to combine email engagement; open rates, predicting best scheduling times with action: what to do if not opened, have you replied to their latest mail and ONE step further what type of relationship to you have with this person, good, bad or whatever at your finger types is not easy to do.

This email engagement intelligence is functionality in Dynamics 365(CRM) and relational insights will be coming soon.

This is a Watershed Moment!

This moment unknown to many is just a little crack in the door because Microsoft has not even begun to offer artificial intelligence on data. The Linkedin buy is genius and not for owning the business networking site rather:

Microsoft has the Office Graph and the Linkedin Graph.

Watch this:


How Does This Work?

Microsoft has been promoting this idea of “Systems of Intelligence” and if you don’t know what this is then in a layered cake it is the newest top layer. This layer is that allows organizations to use deposits of and inject machine intelligence through the data to find trends, predict the future, offer suggestions and much more.

This technology has been there for a while and it is the missing puzzle piece to the push to collect data and turn it into actionable insights. Once you understand that Microsoft and others have cracked this code to turn data into insightful actions then you can understand why the purchase of Linkedin made total sense.

What Is The Future

Linkedin data is the red bull of Artificial intelligence. Simple put the data is so rich and complete that Microsoft can use it to create actionable intelligence with artificial intelligence.

Playing chess with the just current technology and possibilities and what Microsoft is showing in its Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure Cortana Intelligence we will see and feel an amazing move forward towards real transformation and productivity. This puts extra focus on companies to not only capture data but allow intelligence to massage for trends, predictions, actions and then act on it.


I am very excited to see what comes next and seeming just these small glimpses of functionality tied to real business productivity makes it possible to dream up some pretty amazing scenarios.