Machine Driven Intelligence

I had the privilege to speak at an event held by Yieldify  in London last week about the future of personalization and commerce.  There can be no doubt that the next wave of technology will drive efficiencies across organizations driven by HUGE data pools , machine learning and intelligence.   My key takeaway for the audience was the following:

Since Microsoft has bought Linkedin and there are tons of opinions from lots of people my take on it is very simple.  Linkedin data is the red bull that will feed the next generation of technology from Microsoft.  The data graph from Microsoft combined with Linkedin data will enhance Microsoft’s ability to build incredible advances in machine driven intelligence.

If you are curios why not look at the Cortana Intelligent Suite of Services and dream a little about how these intelligent services with a deep, rich pool of data can be used to create futuristic experiences for in sales, services and marketing along with many other areas of our lives.

The “” bubble of big data has resulted new technologies that can use intelligent services to consume large amounts of data and turn them into actionable outcomes for your organizations. The picture below explains the possibilities of intelligent action which uses data to take the guess work out of data driven outcomes.

These are powerful questions when thinking about them:

  • What Happened?
  • Why Did It Happen?
  • What Will Happen?
  • What Should I Do?

The ability to use data for intelligence means that companies must see their data as a competitive advantage and treat their data with the reverence it deserves.   One way to start harnessing the future is to take a serious look at your technology and work your technology landscape like a “farm” I have written about this in about another blog post called: Digital Transformation – The Law of The Farm and its key point is simple:




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