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Happy Birthday Twitter In Animal Years?

By |March 22nd, 2015|

This article is to find out how old Twitter is in animal years and already I ran into trouble because Moose is not on the list and @hanneramberg being the viking warrior she is asked where is the Moose. Well, I couldn’t find the age comparison but found some can live to be 20 and I

Social Media and Fake Engagement PT2

By |March 21st, 2015|

I wanted to follow up on my post called how to fake engagement  and continuing the discussion on the subject.

The following tweet, I have paid in monopoly money called EAVES to have others retweet this tweet.  The #twitter people are not interested in the tweet they are interested in the money and are willing to fake

An Average Guys Take on Understanding Social Media

By |March 21st, 2015|

Second time is a charm, I mean it.  It took me two tries at deleting my #facebook and my #google + account before I was actually able to stay away from them.
Yes! People actually leave Facebook and yes, it could be that their Terms of Service mean they own everything I ever posted for ever

Social Media and Fake Engagement Pt 1

By |March 21st, 2015|

As I wrote in another post about how a colleague and I gamed our Klout score and in doing so found many other “###social media experts” doing the same thing.   This post is about the social media gamificaiton website called Empire Avenue. Empire Avenue is a website that allows others to buy stock in you

Simple Security For Logging Out of Multiple Devices on Skype

By |March 21st, 2015|

Skype Security On Multiple Devices Introduction:
The purpose of this post is to explain how skype users can log out of all their skype sessions easily.

My 12 year old son plays minecraft, alot of minecraft. He also uses skype to communicate and collaborate in game with kids in his age group. We have recently had some unpleasant